Tomato Peas Rice

Cooked Rice 2 cups
Tomatos 2
Boiled Peas 1/4 cup
Chilli Powder 2 tsp
Green chilli 1
salt for taste
Coriander powder 1 tsp
Ga ram masala (or) chat masala 1 tsp
Ginger Garlic paste 1 tsp
Onion 1
Coriander,pudina leaves 1/4 cup
Oil 2 tbsp
cloves 2
Cinnamon 1"
cardamom 1

  • Finely Chopped the onions,tomato's and green chili
  • Pour oil in the pan.When the oil turns hot, add the chopped onions.
  • When the onion slightly turns brown, add the cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and ginger-garlic paste and stir for 5 mins.
  • Add the green chillies.
  • Add the tomatoes and the chili powder,Coriander powder,little bit salt,Turmeric powder mix well
  • Allow it to cook about 5 -7min.
  • And add Peas, cook another 2 min
  • Add the pudhina, coriander leaves and salt.
  • Add the cooked rice and stir the mixture for 2 mins.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves
  • Serving size: 2- 3 people


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