Puri Laddo/Kaja Laddu


All Purpose flour - 1 Cups

Brown Sugar/Sugar- 1/2 cup

Ghee / Oil - 1/2 Cups (Enough for deep fry)

Ghee fried cashew nuts, raisins

Elachi Powder -1/2tsp.


  1. Mix the flour with 2tbsp. of ghee (without melting) and water like Poori dough
  2. Knead it very soft and roll a big poori, cut it into small Damon's/Any shapes
  3. Fry these diamonds in ghee until they turn to brown
  4. Grind the fried Poori pieces and make fine powder
  5. Grind Sugar also to make fine powder
  6. Mix sugar and Poori powders along with cashew nuts, raisins and Elachi Powder
  7. Add 2tbsp. ghee to the above mix
  8. Apply ghee on your hands and make laddus with above mix. If required, sprinkle some milk also while making Laddus

Makes 7 Laddus


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