Seasum Sweet Roti (Nuvvula Bobbatlu/Purnam Poli)


For Stuffing:-

Ordinary Sesame – 1 Cup

Jaggery– 1 Cup

Copra/Dry Coconut(Yendu Kobbari) – 2 Tablespoon

Cardamom – 4-5

For Roti:-

Wheat atta – 1/2 cup

Maida flour – 1/2 cup

Raw cooking oil -3-4 Teaspoon

Salt – To taste

Water – 1/3 cup


  • Wash Sesame in water. Place a broad based bowl on medium flame and dry roast sesame till it sputters stirring continuously.
  • Crush Jaggery and keep it aside. Powder cardamom as well and mix it with roasted sesame. Grate dry copra and roast it on a medium/ low flame till you get a pleasant aroma but doesn’t get burnt and looks as below.
  • Dry grind the roasted sesame, copra and crushed jaggery in the mixer to a medium coarse consistency like the bread crumbs.

Sweet Roti:

  1. Combine atta and maida together in the siever with salt.

2. Transfer sieved atta to a bowl and add water slowly to make a soft dough. Lastly add oil and knead it and keep it aside for about 30 minutes.

3. Pinch out the required quantity of the dough from the knead dough and roll it into small discs and place 1and1/2 Teaspoon of the the mixture and wrap it well and is as shown in the image below. One can even wrap all the roti once and keep it aside and roll it finally as shown in the image below.

4.Roll each of the wrapped rotis on a thick plastic sheet dusting very lightly in wheat atta to the required thickness.

5. Place a dosa griddle on a medium flame with 1 or 2 teaspoons of ghee on it. When heated place rolled roti on it.

6.Just reverse the roti and it starts blowing up

7.Just turn over adding a little ghee on the sides. Roast again so that it is properly done.

8.Just turn over and it is done. Enjoy roti when cooled tastes great !


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